Hid Wiring Harness

Hid Wiring Harness - OPT7 HID Relay Harness Anti-Flicker Power Wiring Xenon Kits. SWH001. Spotlight wiring harness complete with relay and mouse style switch - Plus TOYOTA dash switch (suits selected models - see drawings). Features: Easy to install with supplied plugs and wires ready to plug together.. Adventure is in Our DNA. Our vision at KC HiLiTES is to make a brighter world, full of adventure and meaningful experiences with one another. Our mission is to create unique, premium products that illuminate life's adventures..

HID Xenon metal halide arc discharge aircraft landing and taxi lights, HID utility and HID searchlights for industry, LED personal flashlights. Many people decide they want to install an HID kit in their car because they think it will give them improved visibility and because it looks cool. Few people stop to ask if it's safe or if it's legal. I'm here to tell you the truth about HID kits and whether or not they are.

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